Buy Digital Music

Thank you for loving music, and thank you for supporting the artists who work so hard to create it. The recordings you buy are protected by copyright law. Like all legal matters, copyright law can be boring and complicated, but itís still vitally important. It boils down to one thing: If you donít own the copyright on something, you canít distribute it without the agreement of whoever does. Doing so is illegal. Itís also wrong.

Distributing might mean downloading music through peer to peer services, burning copies for your friends, or loaning out music so that other people can distribute it. These things arenít harmless. Illegally distributing music is no better than walking into a store and stealing a stack of CDs. It hurts the artists who create the music and the people who help bring it to you, and it comes with severe civil and criminal penalties. Itís not right, and itís not worth it.

If you want to download music itís easy to do it legally. Start at these sites: