Album Premiere: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s The Speed of Things

Listen to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s new album, ‘The Speed of Things’ now on The New York Times website. DEJJ’s album is available for pre-order now on iTunes and will be released on October 8.

Read a special message from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. about their album The Speed of Things below:

Dearest Friends, Fellow Travelers & even Foes alike,
If you have not yet heard the news via social networks, a media outlet or a good friend…we have made another album. That album is called The Speed of Things and, thematically, it centers around the accelerating pace at which ideas, feelings, trends and communications seem to be moving these days.

Lately, everything seems to be advancing at such a heightened pace that trying to keep up feels near impossible. In the time it takes you to chase the latest thing, it’s likely to disappear before you can reach it . As a result, it becomes easier to analyze the rise and fall of something than to participate in it. When coupled with the increasingly top heavy world that we live in, even as one figures out what they hope to be, one is often left with a perplexed feeling of where to even begin. We're a generation full of false starts.

That to us is ‘The Speed of Things’.

We’re not entirely sure how to exit the feedback loop, but this album is our attempt to address it head on. Both members of this band have been making records for as long as we can remember, so this record never really felt like a "sophomore" album to us. We were, however, acutely aware of the growing platform that we have been so fortunate to release music via, and it felt important to us that we make something that feels contemporary and honest--a time capsule of sorts.

We wanted to make a record we felt could have a lot of permanence to it. A cohesive body of work where each song could not only relate to the ones before or after it, but could also stand on its own two legs and wedge its melody into the consciousness of as many people as possible. Something that didn’t belong to any particular genre, but rather could bring people from a multitude of perspectives together. Something that was not du jour. Something that could exist on its own terms.

And so here it is. We hope it resonates with not only you and the people around you, but with the people nowhere near you.

We look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks and months about how this record fits with you, in your life.

While it would be romantic to think that this record could change your life, at the very least we hope it makes you take a pause to look around.

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